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Without family finding, many children will
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Forever Homes for Foster Kids believes that all U.S. foster children deserve to live happy, healthy lives in a permanent home.

Without family finding, many children stay in foster care for years bouncing from one place to the other. Once they aged out (become too old to stay in the foster care program), they end up on the streets with little or no support.

By locating foster children's family members, we become the primary method to move these kids out of foster care and into forever homes.

Ways to Help a Foster Child

Donate and Help Foster Children

Every dollar helps change a foster child's life.

For nearly 30 years, Forever Homes for Foster Kids has reunited foster children with family. We are a national leader in finding a foster child’s relatives. You can help give a foster child a new life with a forever home because each child wants to be with a loving family.

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