Our organization is constantly looking at ways to help more foster children get out of the foster care system and into real, forever homes. By doing so, we build families and communities. Be sure to check back to read about our successes and ongoing fundraising efforts that help dozens of foster children each year.

Once again our charity has successfully located the parents of several siblings in foster care. Four young brothers and sisters are waiting for a forever home. Even though the foster care agency caring for these children had already located at least one relative who was willing to take in all four children, the law states that agencies must do their best to locate the parents.

Unfortunately in this case, the parents were believed to be in Brazil. Our charity was able to locate both parents, and the agency is in talks to find out if the parents will return to take custody of their children.



One of the most exciting parts of our work is when a foster kid finally has a forever home. The YMCA in San Diego had a case where a foster teen had relatives outside the U.S. This can be very challenging especially if these family members live in a country where the primary language isn’t English. This teen’s relatives were known to be living in Mexico which was a challenge for the YMCA.

Fortunately, they send the case to Forever Homes for Foster Kids. Within several weeks, we had located an uncle, but the story gets even better as Charmaine Utz explains.




Once again Forever Homes for Foster Kids has received a foster child case where our work will take us to another part of Latin America. This time, we’ll be working in Guatemala. Every case is a little different, sometimes very different.

We’re still waiting to receive more details so we can start our research. Stay tuned for an update.




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