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You can make a huge difference for a foster kid. Some actions take just a moment or become more involved to help reunite more than one child with their family. Check it out below.

Easy Ways to Help Foster Kids

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Like us on Facebook

This takes just minutes but can have a huge impact. Everything starts with education so read our posts. Then ask questions. Leave a comment and share our posts. Sharing a post is one of the best ways to reach thousands of people you know. They can discover more about foster children and the foster care system.



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Volunteer your time to support our work

We always have work for volunteers from doing research to contacting case workers, judges and potential donors. Maybe you'd like to offer professional help with marketing, our website, social media, grant research and writing or publicity and get a tax deduction for your time. If you have a passion to advocate for foster children, we have activities. Call us and let's talk.


More Ways to Help Foster Kids

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Want to give some other ways?

Contact us at 858-368-9700. You can tell us how you want to give so more foster children can be reunited with family and have a forever home.


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