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CNN International

Migrant kids could end up in foster system and never reunite with family.



Univision (Spanish)

Un ángel en la frontera.




Expert: Reuniting families in 30 days not likely.




Some migrant children may never be reunited with their parents, expert believes.



Sprinting to Success

Richard Villasana - Forever Homes For Foster Kids Spotify Hosted by Esmie Lawrence



The Millionaire's Lawyer

Richard Villasana - Forever Homes For Foster Kids Hosted by JP McAvoy, JD/LL.B



Practice of the Practice

Richard Villasana Is Reuniting Kids that Have Been Separated from Their Parents. Hosted by Joseph Sanok



Transforming Relationship with Emotional Savvy

Overcoming the Heartbreak Of and For Foster Kids. Spotify. Hosted by Dr. Rhoberta Shaler



Men on Purpose

Finding Forever Homes for Foster Kids—with Richard Villasana Hosted by Emerald GreenForest



Shower Epiphanies

046: Helping Reunite Families with Richard Villasana Hosted by Art Castello



Aflame Ministry

Show 73 A Ministry of Family for Children Hosted by Pastor Kathleen Panning



AP News

Migrant kids could end up in already strained foster system.



Ruben Navarrette, Jr. Washington Post

A guardian angel on the border.



Costco Connections

Finding Forever Families.



Foster Focus Magazine

Demystifying Family Finding for Foster Children.



Ramona Sentinel

Realtor Makes a Difference for Foster Kids.



Casa Familiar Borders/Fronteras Monthly Edition

Reúne Niños y Niñas con Familias (Reduce Suffering - Reunite Foster Children with Family).



Teddy Bear Times Magazine (U.K.)

Perks for a tiny teddy.



San Diego’s Finest Business Radio

Listen to Richard Villasana, founder of Forever Homes for Foster Kids, on 100.7 Jack FM about foster children.



Foster Focus Magazine

Bullying: The Hidden Harassment of Foster Children.



Emol (Chile)

Sitio de Internet Ofrece Ayuda para Encontrar Familiares o Amigos en México



CRM Magazine

Lo Conseguimos



San Diego Business Journal

Mexican Guru Tells Entrepreneurs About Doing Business in Mexico


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