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Congrats, your copy of the Three Ways You Can Help Reunite a Foster Kid with Family is on its way to your Inbox.
Before you go there, find out how you can help a foster kid right now.

One of the easiest ways to help a foster kid RIGHT NOW is to do a Facebook Fundraiser.

Go to

When you get to this page, you will see this:

You can just hit the blue “Create” button and you are done in 60 seconds!

Or you can change the amount, add your personal reason for doing a fundraiser and then hit the button. No matter what, your fundraiser is now up and running.

How to Have a Successful Fundraiser

That’s easy. Just invite your family and friends on Facebook. That’s it. We will also send you a message with ways to reach your goal so you can help a foster kid have a forever family.

You are AWESOME so Thank You for helping a foster child.

All the best,

Richard Villasana
Founder, Forever homes for Foster Kids


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